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Family Learning

What is Family Learning?

Family Learning is learning that takes place among family members and friends, including parents, grandparents and carers. It’s about discovering and exploring things together. (Please see our Learning at Home page)

Why should families do things together?

Families teach us the most important things in life. Both children and grownups can help each other achieve more by doing activities together.

Family fun isn’t just for parents and children – dads, mums, stepparents, carers, aunts, uncles and grandparents can all join in. And the more family members you have joining in, the bigger the difference you can make to your child’s life.

Check out these facts on how important learning together is:

  • Children spend 85% of their waking hours outside of school.
  • At 6 years old we have learned 50% of our vocabulary.
  • Seven year olds who had been given books at nine months achieved results 20% higher than other children in national English, Maths and Science tests.
  • The stage of life during which we learn at the fastest rate is the first ten years.
  • One third of parents are worried about helping their child with homework in case they ‘get it wrong’.
  • 41% of parents want to know how to help their children with Maths.

Throughout the year Lime Tree offers ‘grownups’ the opportunity to find out the way their child/ren learn. This may be through events such as Family Learning days, early intervention for reading and phonics or more formal courses which are delivered in school and run by outside agencies. More recently the Forest School Team have invited grownups of Foundation Stage children to join them in the forest school around the camp fire and to experience how the children access learning in the forest school.

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