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Due to Covid-19 the assessment results documented below are not for the last Academic Year of 19/20

End of KS2 Assessment Results 2019

2019 key stage 2 assessments are the fourth external tests which assessed the new, more challenging national curriculum which was introduced in 2014.

Figures in 2019 are comparable to the previous three years of results. Scaled scores replaced levels in 2016 when  expectations for pupils were raised.

Key stage 2 test results are converted into ‘scaled scores’ with a score of 100 being the expected standard. Any score below 100 means the pupil is working ‘towards the expected standard’, and any score above means the pupil is working ‘above the expected standard’.

 Lime Tree Primary 2017National 2017Lime Tree Primary 2018National 2018Lime Tree Primary 2019National 2019
% of pupils achieving expected in READING72%71%76.3%75.2%80%73%
% of pupils achieving expected in WRITING79%76%81.4%78.3%87%78%
% of pupils achieving expected in MATHS90%75%79.7%75.5%87%79%
% of pupils achieving expected in GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION and SPELLING (GPS)86% 77%81.4%77.6%88%78%
% of pupils achieving expected in READING, WRITING and MATHS combined66%61%69.5%64.4%73%65%
Average progress in READING (from KS1 to KS2)+1.10-0.5%0+3%0
Average progress in WRITING (from KS1 to KS2)+3.100.8%0+3.3%0
Average progress in MATHS (from KS1 to KS2)+0.6010+50
% of pupils achieving high level in READING (scaled score of 110 or above)17%25%30.05%28%33%27%
% of pupils achieving high level in WRITING (scaled score of 110 or above)24%18%23.7%19.8%25%20%
% of pupils achieving high level in MATHS (scaled score of 110 or above)20%23%25.4%23.5%45%27%
% of pupils achieving high level in Grammar, Punctuation and spelling (GPS) (scaled score of 110 or above)28%31%40.7%34.4%62%36%
Average scaled score in READING105.4104.1106.8%105%105%104%
Average scaled score in MATHS105.8104.2105.7%104.4%108%105%
Average scaled score in GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION and SPELLING (GPS)107.7106108.1%106.2%111%106%

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