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The Outcome – To Create Artists

At Lime Tree our children are artists. They are taught through an ambitious and exciting curriculum which balances the development of artistic skills with building language, knowledge and understanding to enable art appreciation. They learn that Art is a journey.

Art lessons give all children the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination, and express their ideas. Each year the children explore three aspects of different types of art: Our children explore three aspects of Art each year; art from around the world, art from different times in history and modern day artists who are making a difference to the world today.

Art is taught as an expressive means of communication, that builds confidence and creative thinking, and values originality.

Children are taught a full range of skills and techniques which build year on year including: drawing, painting, collage, textiles,  sculpture and printing, experimenting with a variety of materials.

The core elements of our curriculum are built into every unit of work in the curriculum.

We providing the children with a stimulus e.g. a William Morris print as a good starting point for the deep study. This will be discussed in detail and used as inspiration for gather/research and initial ideas.

Children will gather and research images, fabric etc. to present in their own way, like a mood board. An artistic study will be carried out at this stage looking closely at the artist’s background, life and work.

Skills development (Media)
Skills development will allow the children to become familiar with the mediums they are going to be using to create their final piece. Experiment and exploration is necessary and very essential.

Initial Ideas
Children will carry out initial studies and ideas in preparation for their final piece. All ideas will be recorded in their sketchbook. 

Final piece
The final piece of work should bring together all skills development sessions and initial ideas. Children will also come up with a title for their piece of work and a statement.

Communication & Learning evaluation
Children will communicate their ideas to another class or their own. Children will explain the process they have been through and explain the relevant skills they have used.Based on the communication feedback and reflection children will then evaluate their own work.

Each year we celebrate the talent and creativity of all our students from Tree Tots to Year 6 with an Art Festival. Please see our latest Art festival held at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

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