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All children at Lime Tree are involved in high quality music-making with an emphasis on innovation and challenge. The elements of music are delivered through a rich and varied programme including many live performance events, instrumental projects, collaborations with local artists and community groups and through a well-resourced music department.

Music provision is highly kinaesthetic, accessible to all abilities and gives opportunities to develop the skills of a young musician whilst accommodating children’s self-expression in a range of media. Music teaching is highly participatory, with the teacher being an active member of the ensemble group whilst maintaining the role of facilitator.

Music skills and experiences are expanded through a wide range of creative platforms and extended learning, broad enough to extend and encourage the highest ability learners to travel at an accelerated pace whilst remaining accessible to all.

Children are immersed in an eclectic and exciting music programme to develop awareness of music from various cultures, times and places. Musicianship and ensemble skills will be at the heart of music lessons in developing the ‘whole musician’.

Music is taught both as a discrete subject and through embedment in the creative curriculum. Key stage 2 children are invited to learn a musical instrument; our team of specialist music staff offer tuition in violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, guitar and drum kit.

There are many performance opportunities throughout the year within and outside of school: in local theatres, festivals and with community organisations. Our school ensemble groups are many and varied including choir, steel pans and violin orchestra.

Through our rich music programme, we are able to develop the whole child; to encourage positive behaviour, self-discipline, self-motivation and teamwork and to enable pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds.

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