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The Outcome – To Create Scientists

Through our science curriculum at Lime Tree, we develop children’s curiosity in how things work, grow their understanding and interest in wanting to learn more about the importance of science and scientists.

We ensure children start with hands-on exploration and discovery.

Our enquiry approach expects and encourages questions to be asked, to develop scientific thinking and for children to work scientifically. They are encouraged to predict, work collaboratively, measure, record, and interpret their results whilst being completely engrossed in being a scientist.

Our curriculum has a high emphasis on the precise use of language and vocabulary to help with accurate conceptual development and articulation of understanding.

Our scientists at Lime Tree continually build up a body of knowledge. Their well-rounded scientific understanding will impact their lives, influence their choices and actions to inspire potential future scientists and interests in a career in STEM. The children will have learnt the impact we, as scientists, have on our world and sustainability.

We have a comprehensive curriculum covering and extending beyond the National Curriculum this has been developed alongside The Primary Science Teaching Trust and SEERIH (Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub at The University of Manchester. Please see the links below.

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