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‘The art of reading, the craft of writing’

English teaching and learning at Lime Tree seeks to ignite a passion for the written and spoken language in all children. It believes that the children should read and write creatively, studying and using the individual word, the phrase, the sentence, the paragraph and the chapter.

We believe that pupil’s text development is enhanced through an active, direct and challenging approach to texts of all kinds. This involves texts from a range of authors. All books, texts and extracts are read by staff to ensure that they are appropriate for the year group. Many writing journeys may also follow the children’s own interests if they are particularly excited by a film, book or clip that they have seen recently.

Our learning structure seeks to combine a variety of creative, stimulating opportunities with access to visual tools and various different stimuli which seek to engage and enthral pupils to become inspired writers. This may include images, music, stimulus clips and creative tasks.

We use a timeline approach to structure stories and fiction – from story maps and story strings down in Early Years and Key Stage 1, to complex timelines in Years 5 and 6. This allows children to structures stories appropriately, and map out the story from the beginning to the end.

In Key Stage 1 we use Active Learn Phonics Bug, this is used for the teaching of phonics and reading books. Each day the children across Key Stage 1 are taught phonics using Phonics Bug which is based on the principles of synthetic phonics and is intended to provide schools with a highly structured and supportive programme to ensure children are developing their phonic knowledge; enjoying themselves whilst they do so!
Phonics Bug is a fun and engaging series of decodable books, which supports the teaching and learning of phonics. The books are deliberately constructed, 100% phonically decodable texts that are grouped in a ‘developing order’ based on the order of sounds introduced in synthetic phonics programs. they are both meaningful and memorable, making comprehension easier.
The Phonics Bug books are also available online and feature online quizzes, with a focus on assessing phonic knowledge.

All Key Stages across the school also access MyOn.
MyON is the first-of-its-kind, personalised English environment that integrates technology and students’ ability to match their reading level with their preferred choice of books into one comprehensive online literacy program. MyON will provide you and your children with a growing collection of thousands of enhanced digital books that can be read anytime, both in class and at home.

Children have numerous opportunities to read as writers in order to gather and organise the best ideas. We investigate why authors write what they do, and study the grammar and literary devices that they use so we can learn from them. Children across the school interrogate texts at their own level to learn and forward their developing skills and knowledge.

Throughout the process, children plan, draft and write their ideas, with the teacher being integral parts to the assessment for learning and improvement process. Children also share their writing with others and are encouraged to actively reflect on what may improve their writing. Teachers facilitate and challenge by teaching at the point of learning, pinpointing key skills and knowledge which will move that child’s learning forward.

Teachers are passionate about the writing process, and model key parts of the story through modelled writing, explicitly modelling the thoughts and decisions that writers have to make when completing a piece.

Final pieces of writing are celebrated and communicated across classes, with children reflecting on their writing journey and how they have improved throughout it.

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