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Free thinking, igniting passions, discovering talent and nurturing self-belief is all central to every enrichment session KS2 children enjoy.

Enrichment aims to embed the skills children already acquire within their classroom setting. Once a week and over a 6 week period, children take part in Earth Adventures, Art, Cooking, Team Building and Expressive Arts sessions.

Working in small groups every child has a chance to shine and develop a love of new opportunities. These are nurtured and celebrated throughout the year.

Earth Adventures provides the children the opportunity to continue to develop their forest school skills and passion for nature, learned during EYFS and KS1.  Activities include forest games, fire lighting and fire cooking skills, tree climbing, den building, role play, tool use, gardening and growing on the farm and much more.  During the six-week block, the children will have the opportunity to visit either the local park or stream to play and learn in a different local natural space.  These sessions are lead by a Forest School practitioner.

Cooking Enrichment children follow recipes that reflect the cultural diversity of our school. The children are encouraged to bring recipes from home to share as well as borrow recipes from our recipe library. We aim to support independence within the kitchen, year on year building and developing a wide range of cooking skills. The children are given the confidence to taste a range of ingredients and to become lifelong lovers of creating delicious food.

Team Building, working outside, the focus of the sessions is to develop collaboration, team building, cooperation, communication, problem solving, and leadership skills.
The children complete challenges designed by themselves and Mr. Hambleton that develop these attributes. They also learn games from across the globe that they can replicate in their free time at home and at school.

Expressive Arts is used extensively to promote oral language skills. Children learn how to select language and movement that matches the role. They also learn how to work constructively, use leadership skills and negotiation. Children explore how to convey character through voice, movement, gesture, and mime. Vocal projection and expression is a central element in our sessions as the voice is the most immediate instrument. Children are given regular opportunities to showcase their vocal skills through public speaking, presentations, reading, and acting. 

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