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Religious Education (RE)

The Outcome – To Create Compassionate and Inclusive Citizens

Whilst at Lime Tree we will give our children the opportunity to grow into respectful, knowledgeable, and innovative young adults. RE provokes challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs, the self, issues of right and wrong, environmental impact and what it means to be human.

We encourage the children to explore their own beliefs and views whether they are religious or not. This, in time, will give them the tools to build their own identity and the ability to consider their impact and responsibilities in the local and wider community. We encourage compassionate, empathetic, and generous learners who challenge prejudice and flourish within a diverse society.

Throughout EYFS and KS1 the children will begin to understand more about themselves and begin to find their place in the world. They will explore different religious beliefs, how they live and how this is expressed in modern society. Stories, role play, artefacts and scripture will all be used to reinforce learning in order to give the children the necessary knowledge to tackle the philosophical aspects of RE in Key Stage 2.

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