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The Outcome – To Create Mathematicians

 ‘The art of becoming a mathematician – creating passion for contextualised maths through real life problem solving’

We deliver a skills-based curriculum, in which the basic skills and knowledge required to progress learning are of paramount importance and underpin all learning.

At Lime Tree, we see maths as an essential life skill and a practical tool with which children can make sense of the world around them. Using manipulatives, our lessons are exciting and interesting. Whether we are sharing slices of pizza or chocolate bars in our teaching of fractions or making equal groups with flowers, balloons, cupcakes or even smarties in our teaching of multiplication, our lessons use real-life problems as their foundation. Real life problems need real life resources! Underpinned by White Rose Maths, lessons are delivered in an engaging and practical way, ensuring that children have a solid foundation of basic skills whilst also applying these to reasoning and real-life problems. Our children working with their teachers show us how to proceed through the strategies for the four operations using the appropriate mathematical language and the formal layout for calculation used in different year groups.

From Early Year to Year 6, our curriculum is engaging, challenging and enjoyable. All lessons focus on rigour and ensuring progression by building on prior learning with the children moving from concrete to pictorial and then abstract concepts as their confidence and competence in each mathematical area develops. Practicing and developing fluency in basic skills is embedded continually and teachers use opportunities to address misconceptions and move children forward. 

  • Children learn to ask questions, work collaboratively and apply their basic skills from Early Years to Year 6 to ensure that they:
  • become fluent and confident in the fundamentals of mathematics
  • are able to reason mathematically and make connections between number facts
  • can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication and complexity

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